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In October 2016 we had the privilege of working with Wally Godby and his company Thunderstorm Roofing. Our home was damaged due to a hailstorm earlier that year and needed not only a new roof but also repairs to the exterior. I had never filed a claim and was uncertain of the procedures. Wally’s experience was refreshing; he has been in the roofing business for many years and understands the complete process. Not only did Wally provide us with a top quality roof, he was able to complete all the necessary repairs to our exterior. Wally went above and beyond our expectations. He was upfront and honest with his pricing and handled all conversations with the insurance company. His knowledge of the roofing business is vast and he is dedicated to making sure the customer is satisfied. I would highly recommend Wally Godby and his company Thunderstorm Roofing.

Jeanie Vinson

Dear Wally,

Thanks for taking care of another roof for us. This new roof material by GAF makes for a really good looking roof. We really like the way it looks on our tudor style home. As is the case with the past roofs you’ve done for us, we appreciate your close attention to detail in the installation. We always feel good that you are doing a great job. But what we really appreciate is the way you deal with our insurance company, so we hardly have to talk to them at all. That is huge!

Thanks again Wally,

Dave and Ruth Craven


In this world of people complaining about their contractors, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the great products and wonderful customer service we have received from you, your company and its employees.

The relationship began back in 2000, when you replaced our roof after a severe hail storm.  Over the years our roof withheld multiple hail and wind storms without so much as a single leak.  It has been a testimony to the quality of work you do.

Unfortunately, another severe hail storm hit our house in 2016.  Upon further investigation, our roof, guttering, paint, and concrete all received damage.  We knew exactly who we could count on and wanted to do the work.  Not only in our last replacement did you timely replace our roof, you also relieved our burden by acting as a general contractor taking care of our other subcontractors doing the painting, concrete and guttering.   You assisted in making sure all the work was completed in a timely fashion and all the work exceeding our expectations.

Additionally, your company dealt with our insurance adjuster for the supplemental payments missed during the initial estimate by the insurance company.

We have received multiple complements on our home after completion of the work.   We gladly tell people “Thunderstorm completed the work and provided service above expectations”.   You and your company went above and beyond on both of our insurance claims and should another need arise, we know who to call.

Thanks again for all you did.

Rick and Kathy McQueary

My wife and I hired Wally Godby to re-roof our barn. It was badly in need from the previous owners. Wally provided us with a comprehensive and competitive bid. After asking many questions we were convinced Wally knew what he was doing. Wally’s work confirmed we had made a good decision. He did it on time and on budget. His work is quality and his demeanor is pleasant. We will use him again and we do not hesitate in recommending him to others.

Karlan and Angela Tucker

We are Tom and Barbee Stanfield from Centennial, Colorado.We hired Wally Godby of Thunderstorm Roofing, LLC to reroof our house last summer.  Thunderstorm Roofing removed the old roofing material, replacing needed planking, removed several old flue pipes, plugged the decking holes, installed several new attic vents, per code, flashing around the chimney, new jacks for plumbing vents, new gutter apron, rake edge flashing, valley underlament and 30 year dimensional shingles. They also reroofed our patio cover due to poor previous workmanship. The work was accomplished in a timely and very satisfactory manner with a very competent and efficient crew. We would recommend Wally Godby and Thunderstorm Roofing, LLC to anyone in need of a new roof on their house.  Thank you very much, Wally and crew!! 

Tom and Barbee Stanfield


American Flagpole Special Offer

As an 8 ½ year veteran of the United States Air Force, one of the things that gives me more pride than anything, is to watch the flag that I proudly served to protect, wafting in the wind on the flagpole in front of my home.

With patriotism back at its highest levels in America in a very long time, I want to help encourage this by offering an Uncommon USA 16’ telescoping flagpole to any customer who has Thunderstorm Roofing install a complete new roof.

These flagpoles are proudly made in the USA. Because they are telescopic, there are no ropes to clang around in the wind. They come with a 3’x5’ US nylon flag, but have a double mast flag harness so that a second flag can be added by you, the homeowner, at any time. The double flag harness also allows you to easily fly the US flag at half mast when needed. Uncommon USA also offers a solar LED light that can be added to the top of the flagpole for nighttime lighting (I will provide ordering information for this).

If you, the homeowner and customer of Thunderstorm Roofing, would like to add this beautiful flagpole to your home, I will even install it for you wherever you wish.

Thank you for helping this veteran to keep patriotism alive and well in the greatest country on the earth, The United States of America.

Wally Godby