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Thunderstorm Roofing proudly provides the Denver Metro area with the highest quality roofing products and services.


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Wally and Sherry Godby Owners, Thunderstorm Roofing, LLC

We began roofing in 1991 after being asked to lend a hand to a friend who was a roofer.  After watching him work, Wally said to himself, “I can do this!”  We started roofing as a part time business in which all three of our children grew up working. The name of our company at that time was AKW Family Roofing, which stood for Andrea, Kenny and Wesley, our three children.

In November of 1994, while working at the US postal Service, Wally and Sherry decided to try roofing as a fulltime business, and never looked back!  We kept the business small and completed roofing jobs from mostly referrals.  Wally would measure the roof, sell the roof, strip and install the roof, and haul the old roof to the dump.  Quality was always number one on our list!

In 2007, Wally went to work for another roofing company in Englewood, Colorado as their fulltime estimator.  He did this until August of 2011. This brought much experience in working with insurance hail claims and also evaluating and selling commercial roofing while there.  In August of 2011, with all of our children grown and out of the house, we made a completely diverse career change working as on-sight managers of a gated community in Cherry Creek.  The four years we worked there brought an entirely new layer of learning and experience to add to our skills.  In July of 2015 we returned to the roofing industry and Thunderstorm Roofing was born.

Thunderstorm Roofing has been called a “boutique” roofing company and we like that description.  Our desire is to fill a niche in the market in which Wally is the one and only person that you will deal with during your re-roof or hail damaged restoration experience. We are still old school in that we still measure the roof ourselves, not relying on a satellite.  Wally will be the one writing the insurance supplement and dealing with your insurance company, not someone else in the office.  Wally will know every aspect of your roof and your claim when dealing with you and your insurance company.  When Wally evaluates your roof, He will advise you of potential problems whether updating to meet current building codes, or recommendations about drainage and proper ventilation.  We will make sure that the job is cleaned up to your satisfaction when the job is completed.  We are licensed and fully insured for your protection.

In short, with over 25 years in the roofing industry, we want to make this as pleasant an experience for each homeowner that we can.  We want each person that does business with Thunderstorm Roofing to want to refer us to their closest family member and friends and to call us back next time they need a roof.


Kenny & Becky Godby

I remember stepping onto a jobsite for the first time at the age of seven.  I didn’t do much more than cleanup at that point, but I remember an excitement as I got to be involved in the family business.  The first of many roofs that our family did we used Tupperware containers to hold nails instead of nail belts and hammers instead of nail guns.  As I grew older I was given more and more responsibility and helped more and more in the company.  Some of the most important lessons and character traits I learned to help shape my life I learned on the roof with my dad.  Things like a hard work ethic, leave things cleaner than when we started the job, the customer comes first, and a good name and reputation are more important than making money.  I am so very grateful for what I learned working with my dad, Wally Godby, at Thunderstorm Roofing and still lean on those things I learned today.

Wesley Godby

Growing up in a home that owned our own business meant working that business. From a very young age, I was taught a lot about work ethic, integrity, and a job worth doing. I was taught how to serve customers, and go above and beyond, to make sure the job was done right. These same characteristics are what Thunderstorm Roofing is founded on. I remember on more than one occasion, driving across the country to volunteer our time to help out churches, Christian colleges, and missionaries. We went to Canada, NC, WI, and Mexico! Just to name a few. I wouldn’t trade those long hours in the car, or on the roof, for anything!

Ben & Andrea Hamilton

Working with my dad, Wally Godby, taught me how to install a good roof, and also prepared me for life ahead by instilling in me a good work ethic. Every day I saw my dad giving his all for the customer. As a family business, we all had a part in making Thunderstorm Roofing successful. My first task was cleaning up the nails from the flower beds and driveways. This showed me the importance of attention to the smallest details. As I eventually started to help lay new shingles, I learned to set goals and work hard until the job was done. The value of hard work, the satisfaction of a job well done, and the worth of a good reputation were all lessons learned through my years of working with my dad.

Our Mission

This is our Mission Statement to you, our valued customer:

With twenty-six years of successful roofing experience in the Denver area, Thunderstorm Roofing will provide our customers with top quality roofing at a fair price. We take great pride in our work therefore, from the first handshake until the last, we will complete each project in a safe, clean, prompt and professional manner.

We will apply our knowledge of craftsmanship to each job, large or small.

We will work with each individual customer to provide the best solution to their roofing need. Our customer’s satisfaction is our goal.

We will strive to earn the trust and confidence of our customers and serve them in such a way that they will gladly do business with us again and will recommend Thunderstorm Roofing to their family and friends.

American Flagpole Special Offer

As an 8 ½ year veteran of the United States Air Force, one of the things that gives me more pride than anything, is to watch the flag that I proudly served to protect, wafting in the wind on the flagpole in front of my home.

With patriotism back at its highest levels in America in a very long time, I want to help encourage this by offering an Uncommon USA 16’ telescoping flagpole to any customer who has Thunderstorm Roofing install a complete new roof.

These flagpoles are proudly made in the USA. Because they are telescopic, there are no ropes to clang around in the wind. They come with a 3’x5’ US nylon flag, but have a double mast flag harness so that a second flag can be added by you, the homeowner, at any time. The double flag harness also allows you to easily fly the US flag at half mast when needed. Uncommon USA also offers a solar LED light that can be added to the top of the flagpole for nighttime lighting (I will provide ordering information for this).

If you, the homeowner and customer of Thunderstorm Roofing, would like to add this beautiful flagpole to your home, I will even install it for you wherever you wish.

Thank you for helping this veteran to keep patriotism alive and well in the greatest country on the earth, The United States of America.

Wally Godby