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Thunderstorm Roofing has experience in evaluating your commercial roofing needs.  We also have experience in the new IRC Energy Codes, which mostly affects commercial flat roofing projects.  Each building department is different in what they require and what they ENFORCE.

With that said, most of our experience is with EPDM (rubber).  We can also install TPO or PVC.  Our preference is EPDM, since when installed correctly, it will have up to a 40 year material warranty and a 10 year manufacturer labor warranty.  Additional labor warranties can be purchased.

EPDM is also very rarely damaged by hail.  TPO and PVC will become brittle over time and is then very susceptible to hail damage.

EPDM is also very easy to repair when it is damaged.  Fixing it is like patching a bicycle tube.


American Flagpole Special Offer

As an 8 ½ year veteran of the United States Air Force, one of the things that gives me more pride than anything, is to watch the flag that I proudly served to protect, wafting in the wind on the flagpole in front of my home.

With patriotism back at its highest levels in America in a very long time, I want to help encourage this by offering an Uncommon USA 16’ telescoping flagpole to any customer who has Thunderstorm Roofing install a complete new roof.

These flagpoles are proudly made in the USA. Because they are telescopic, there are no ropes to clang around in the wind. They come with a 3’x5’ US nylon flag, but have a double mast flag harness so that a second flag can be added by you, the homeowner, at any time. The double flag harness also allows you to easily fly the US flag at half mast when needed. Uncommon USA also offers a solar LED light that can be added to the top of the flagpole for nighttime lighting (I will provide ordering information for this).

If you, the homeowner and customer of Thunderstorm Roofing, would like to add this beautiful flagpole to your home, I will even install it for you wherever you wish.

Thank you for helping this veteran to keep patriotism alive and well in the greatest country on the earth, The United States of America.

Wally Godby